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Mobile Ready

Software is built with Boostrap UI framework which is responsive to various devices including mobile phones and tablets

Advanced Security

Software is designed with security in mind with protection against SQL injection, cross site scripting and brute force attacks

Multi Language Ready

Software is translation ready and allows you to add as many more languages as required

Multiple Themes

Software enables you to switch themes with the click of a button. You can install as many themes as required

Affiliate Program

Advanced affiliate programs with multi-teir commissions and options to pay commissions on first sale or every sale

Support Ticket System

Advanced support ticket system that allows you to provide your users with reliable support

Internal Messaging System

Advanced messaging systems that allows users to communicate with eachother

Automated Payments

Automated payment processing for deposits and withdrawal. Mass payments also available for withdrawals

Multiple Currencies

Software has the ability to use multiple currencies at the same time including FIAT and CRYPTO currencies

Advanced User Management

Powerful user management tool that allows you manage users and track their activities for better insight

Advanced Plan Management

Choose between plans that pay fixed interest rates or variable interest rates added to system periodicaly

Advanced Investment Management

Manage all users investments from admin panel with powerful dashboard for better insight

Advanced Money Management

Track all inflow and outflow of money to the system. Credit and debit user balance as required.

Mass Mailer System

Powerful mass mailing system with auto scheduling that allows you send out emails at a later date